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In order to ensure that data entry is accurate and as timely as possible, please observe the instructions below:

Please note that the deadline will be strictly observed.

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1. Enter only one result for each parameter per sample;

2. Do Samples in duplicate and enter as replicate A and B;

3. Positive results should be reported as integers only and not as decimal counts. The form will only allow entry of integer values;

4. If no organisms are detected, the result should be reported as 0 (zero);

5. If you do not wish to report a result for a parameter or sample, leave the appropriate field blank;

6. All results reported will be analysed as confirmed results. We are unable to perform any separate analyses on presumptive results;

7. If you wish to modify or delete any results after entering, use the appropriate buttons on each form. Please note that this is not possible after the closing date;
NOTE: Remember to press Add or Submit when you have entered results or have made any changes to your submitted results. If you do not press the appropriate button before exiting the window, the results will not be entered and changes will not take effect.

8. The deadline for completion of results will be strictly observed;

9. The following four new determinands are only to be entered in rounds 2, 4 and 6.
Pseudomonas : Faecal streptococci : Enterococcus : Clostridia

10. Method information must be entered when entering the results. This information will remain on the database. REMEMBER to update the information if any changes were made to the methods used by the laboratory.