CivCert Scheme

The National Laboratory Association of South Africa (NLA – SA) is pleased to announce CivCert, a Certification of Persons Scheme for Civil Engineering Material Testers.

The scheme offers formal recognition of the knowledge, experience and skills of Civil Engineering Material Testers working in civil engineering material laboratories.

Simply put, certification by the scheme involves a process whereby applicants provide a portfolio of evidence and undergo an independent witnessing, demonstrating that they meet specified criteria, undertake to abide by a code of ethics, and then once certified, from time to time provide evidence that their skills are kept up to date in order to remain certified.

Information regarding the scheme, current pricing and an application form can be downloaded from the tables below by clicking on the appropriate links.

*“Certification of persons is one means of providing assurance that the certified person meets the requirements of the certification scheme. However, it is necessary to distinguish between situations where certification schemes for persons are justified and situations where other forms of qualification are more appropriate. The development of new certification schemes for persons, in response to the ever-increasing velocity of technological innovation and growing specialization of personnel, can compensate for variations in education and training and thus facilitate the global job market

Reference: ISO/IEC 17024

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