PT Testing – Scheme Information

To apply to any of the PT Testing Schemes please download, complete and submit the application form in this link :

PT (Calibration and Testing) Application Form

All the information regarding any of the schemes can be found in the table below.

Doc TypeDescriptionLink
Scheme BrochureAquatic Toxicity PTS BrochureAquatic Toxicity
Scheme BrochureFood PTS BrochureFood Microbiology
Scheme BrochureHygiene Swabs PTS BrochureHygiene Swabs
Scheme BrochurePesticide Formulations PTS BrochurePesticide Formulations
Scheme BrochureWater PTS BrochureWater Microbiology
Scheme BrochureRoad Construction Materials PTS BrochureRoad Construction Materials