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Benefits to the Laboratory Community

The benefits derived from membership of the National Laboratory Association are geared heavily in favour of information and technology transfer and representation on a national and international level.  Very often professional associations and scientific institutes are geared towards representation and information transfer in relation to academic research and to the ultimate focus of the profession.
The laboratory activities of testing, measuring and calibration are normally seen as ancillary support functions and consequently they achieve relatively little exposure in the overall objectives of such associations and institutes.  The NLA aims to change that and to give laboratories the forum and representation that they need in science, industry, commerce and government.

In order for the Association to succeed however, it needs the support of the laboratory community in the form of membership and in the form of support for its activities and in particular its forums of communication including workshops.

Cost of Membership – See document below

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NLA Membership Application Form
*Please note:  Membership of the Association is corporate-based and consequently only one subscription per organisation is required regardless of how many laboratories, accredited or non-accredited, it may have.

Download – Corporate Membership Application Form

In the event that you wish to join the NLA-SA as an individual member, please download – Individual Membership Application Form