Activities of the NLA

The following activities have already been identified to initiate the fulfilment of the Association's objectives:

  • The provision of recommendations to SANAS on the need for new Specialist Technical Committees (STCs)
  • The nominations of members for such STCs
  • The establishment of a new constitution
  • The establishment of an Excellence Award scheme for members.
  • The nomination of specialists for training courses, particularly with regard to the Technical Centre for Excellence in Metrology
  • The provision of technical forums in the form of combined testing and calibration workshops.
  • The provision of a NLA newsletter
  • The transfer of information that is relevant in terms of its impact on laboratories, eg. the impact of the amendments to the Measuring Units and National Measuring Standards Act, Act 76 of 1973
  • The representation of the South African laboratory community both nationally and internationally at appropriate forums.
  • The establishment of special interest groups
  • The election of representatives of the laboratory community to the Board of Directors of SANAS.