Stack Testers South Africa (STSA) is a subcommittee of the National Laboratory Association – South Africa (NLA-SA) and comprises of those organisations who have stack testing laboratories and stakeholders who have an interest in this field of work.

The need for such a committee was highlighted when the Department of Environment began its move towards insisting that the tests that are performed by “Stack Testers” be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. It was apparent that there was a need for a representative body who could not only interact with the Department, but who could also represent the interest of these laboratories in other fora such as SANAS, SABS etc.

Over the past few years the subcommittee has generally had about 3 meetings year and since various working groups have also been formed, they have also met during this time period.

Much progress has been made with approxiamately 30-50 attending the meetings that have been held.

The current Chair of the STSA Subcommittee is Mr Quentin Hurt and for further infromation he can be contacted at

Various documents are available resulting from the work being condcuted by this subcommittee and can be viewed from this link.