T&M 2019 – Measurement science by the people for the people

When: 16-18 September 2019

Venue: Misty Hills, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg

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With the advent of smart phones, “citizen science” will put sensors into the hands of everybody.
Citizen science typically refers to research collaborations between scientists and volunteers, particularly to expand opportunities for scientific data collection and to provide access to scientific information for community members.
Citizen science will require accurate and validated measurement systems and will increase the demand for metrology, quality assurance and standardisation.

The digital transformation will change the analytical process and the use and reuse of data.
Data is the new ‘gold’ but will have to be validated to build confidence amongst the users.
The validation of the data will require more measurements to be performed and the measurements will be required to be standardised, quality assured
and metrologically traceable.

We’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products, thanks to the digitization of manufacturing.
This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing.

From the first industrial revolution (mechanization through water and steam power) to the mass production and assembly lines using electricity in the second, the fourth industrial revolution will take what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation and enhance it with smart and autonomous systems fuelled by data and machine learning. Industry 4.0 will require more measurements to provide information from the complete value chain and life cycle of products.