MetCert Scheme

The NLA is pleased to announce the availability of the *Personnel Certification Scheme for Metrologists and Calibration Technicians – MetCert

Many technicians will recall the Certificate of Competence (CoC) which was introduced in the early days of accreditation, will also be aware that this activity was taken over by SANAS in 1998 and was discontinued about three years ago.

The NLA thus believed that there was a need to re-introduce a voluntary, formalised scheme which would maintain the expected level of competence, and differentiate between certified members and those who are new to the industry. Although still in its infancy, the MetCert Scheme has been recognised by SANAS as one of the ways in which a Technical Signatory can demonstrate comptence and meet the requirements of this aspect. For further informtaion in this regard see SANAS R03-08 Dated 07/15/2016.

The current International regulations do not allow SANAS to be involved in a registration scheme as well as being the relevant assessor of the competence of that individual in the laboratory, during assessment by SANAS. In principle, the two activities need to be totally separate, where there is no chance of a conflict of interests. Information regarding why MetCert was established, how it achieves its objectives as well as the current pricing can be downloaded from the table below by clicking on the appropriate links. An Application Form in also available and prospective applicants should carefully work through the various documents before attempting to complete and submit an application.

The NLA looks forward to receiving applications and will respond as soon as possible.

*Personnel Certification. “Certification of persons is one means of providing assurance that the certified person meets the requirements of the certification scheme. However, it is necessary to distinguish between situations where certification schemes for persons are justified and situations where other forms of qualification are more appropriate. The development of new certification schemes for persons, in response to the ever-increasing velocity of technological innovation and growing specialization of personnel, may compensate for variations in education and training and thus facilitate the global job market.

In contrast to other types of conformity assessment bodies, such as management system certification/registration bodies, one of the characteristic functions of the personnel certification body is to conduct an examination, which uses objective criteria for competence and scoring.“ Reference: ISO/IEC 17024

MetCert Information Documents

Doc TypeDescriptionLink
InformationMetCert Scheme DescriptionScheme Description
InformationMetCert One-off MeasurementsOne-off Measurements
InformationMetCert Price ScheduleMetCert Price Schedule

MetCert Application Forms

When applying to be certified under the MetCert Metrologist Certification Scheme you are required to complete the General Information Application Form as well as the discipline specific form for which area you wish to be certified in.

All completed documents as well as any evidence can be submitted by emailing it to

Doc TypeDescriptionLink
FormMetCert General Application FormApplication Form
FormDimensional MetrologyApplication Form
FormElectrical MetrologyApplication Form
FormMass MetrologyApplication Form
FormTemperature MetrologyApplication Form
FormHumidity MetrologyApplication Form
FormPressure MetrologyApplication Form
FormForce MetrologyApplication Form
FormTorque MetrologyApplication Form
FormHardness MetrologyApplication Form
FormTime & Frequency MetrologyApplication Form
FormRadio Frequency MetrologyApplication Form
FormFibre Optics MetrologyApplication Form
FormRadiation MetrologyApplication Form
FormAcoustics MetrologyApplication Form
FormVibration MetrologyApplication Form
FormFluid Dynamics MetrologyApplication Form
FormPhotometry MetrologyApplication Form
FormRadiometry MetrologyApplication Form
FormVolume MetrologyApplication Form
FormGas MetrologyApplication Form
FormGas Flow MetrologyApplication Form
FormLiquid Flow MetrologyApplication Form
FormOther Metrology DisciplineApplication Form