Establishing a Gas Flow Laboratory

On Thursday the 17th, September 2015 an extremely successful morning was hosted by the NLA-SA at which the NMISA (National Metrology Institute of South Africa) Gas Flow Lab, headed by Eddie Tarnow explained what are the requirements to establish a commercial gas flow laboratory.

This initiative was specially aimed at the requirements for calibrating “bubble flow” meters which are typically used in the fields of Occupational Health and Hygiene area as well as in Ambient Air and Stack Emission applications.

Given the current backlog being experienced by those requiring an accredited calibration, and NMISA being the only lab capable of doing this work, they took the initiative of presenting what the the requirements are to a very interested audience of about 35 people. As a result a number of SANAS Accredited Labs showed interest in availing themselves of this opportunity.

For those that missed the workshop the Powerpoint slides from the presentation are available for download here.


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