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General News

NLA General News

Establishing a Gas Flow Laboratory

On Thursday the 17th, September 2015 an extremely successful morning was hosted by the NLA-SA at which the NMISA (National Metrology Institute of South Africa) Gas Flow Lab, headed by Eddie Tarnow explained what are the requirements to establish a commercial gas flow laboratory.

This initiative was specially aimed at the requirements for calibrating “bubble flow” meters which are typically used in the fields of Occupational Health and Hygiene area as well as in Ambient Air and Stack Emission applications.

Given the current backlog being experienced by those requiring an accredited calibration, and NMISA being the only lab capable of doing this work, they took the initiative of presenting what the the requirements are to a very interested audience of about 35 people. As a result a number of SANAS Accredited Labs showed interest in availing themselves of this opportunity.

For those that missed the workshop the Powerpoint slides from the presentation are available for download here.


Job Positions and CV’s

The National Laboratory Association – SA is extremely pleased to announce the availability of a new service for laboratories and laboratory personnel.

For many years the NLA-SA has been requested by many of those involved in both Testing as well as Calibration Laboratories to provide an easy to use mechanism to match those seeking employment and those companies/organisations looking to fill positions.

The NLA-SA web site has a menu option marked “Job Opportunities” from which both Positions being offered, as well as CV’s of those seeking employment can be viewed and submitted.

Currently there will be no charge for using the system and after recently going live, we would like to encourage use of this facility.

NB: Please note that the responsibility for all current legal requirements as far as employment is concerned, lies with users, and the NLA-SA will take NO responsibility for the information provided or its ultimate use.

NLA Training Schedule – 2014

We are pleased to advise that the training course schedule for 2014 has been finalised.

Should you be interested in attending any of our courses you are kindly requested to register as soon as possible

We often have to postpone, and in some extreme cases cancel, courses when we are not aware of possible interest and this arises when those considering attending do not advise us.

Organochlorine pesticides in water proficiency testing scheme

The NLA-SA is pleased to advise all interested laboratories that the National Metrology Institute of Souith Africa, NMISA, is providing a proficiency testing scheme (PTS) for the measurement of organochlorine pesticides in water in February 2013.

The scheme will be marketed directly to the participants by NMISA in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043 (2010): Conformity assessment – general requirements for proficiency testing.

Please find links to the following documents: PTS description, NMISA customer form and PTS registration form. Please complete both customer and registration forms should your laboratory be interested in participating in this scheme. A quotation will then be provided to you.

OCP in Water Scheme Letter

OCP in Water Scheme Registration Form

OCP in Water Scheme Description

NMISA Registration Information

The cost for this scheme will be R 1 500.00 (0% VAT) excl. delivery fees. Kindly ensure that the NMISA is on your supplier’s list so there are no delays in delivering the samples. The registration deadline is 18th February 2013.

Yours sincerely

Dr Maria Fernandes-Whaley

Section Head: Organic Analysis
Chemistry Division

Private Bag X34
Lynnwood Ridge
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 841 2105
Fax: +27 86 509 5996


NMISANational Metrology Institute – South Africa

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for MetCert

The requirements for the NLA-SA's professional metrologist certification scheme, MetCert, have reecently been released.

Metrologists who are either certified or are looking at being certified should download the document which can be found by clicking here or on this web site under the MetCert sub-menu.

These requirements are categorised into 3 main areas and will ensure those certified can demonstrate that their skills over the 3 year period of certification are adequately kept up to date.

For any questions please contact the NLA office.